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JM Founder Jonathan Patton Recognized by Giving Speech to Tomorrow’s Leaders

JM founder, Jonathan Patton, was recently invited to the Student Career Expo at the Mid America Center. It was the 3rd annual expo, and he spoke on entrepreneurialism and job opportunities in the Information Technology industry.

Here are some of Jonathan’s thoughts:

“It went very well actually. I’m exhausted though. It was four back to back presentations (with 5 minute breaks in between) and I’ve been up since 2:00am, since I wasn’t able to sleep due to being nervous (like I always do when speaking). I introduced myself to 400+ kids and then had about an attendance of 30-40 kids each session.  I thought the presentations I did went well.”


JM Published in Omaha Chamber of Commerce Magazine Thanks to Microsoft Case Study

JM Web Designs was recently published in the Omaha Chamber‘s 2009 “Extraordinary Opportunities” magazine, highlighting owner Jonathan Patton’s journey as its founder and the case study about JM published by Microsoft.  The magazine is sent out to companies around the world to show that Omaha is a great location to have a business.


Microsoft Unveils Video Case Study of Omaha’s JM Web Designs

Today Microsoft unveils their newest small business case study; the focus is on Omaha based JM Web Designs. After a thorough application and selection process, Microsoft chose JM among thousands of other small businesses. The steady growth and high client retention rate were improved by using Microsoft’s small business products, thus gaining the interest of the software giant. Once Microsoft heard the compelling story of JM’s conception, a friendship was made and a partnership was created.