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Today Microsoft unveils their newest small business case study; the focus is on Omaha based JM Web Designs. After a thorough application and selection process, Microsoft chose JM among thousands of other small businesses. The steady growth and high client retention rate were improved by using Microsoft’s small business products, thus gaining the interest of the software giant. Once Microsoft heard the compelling story of JM’s conception, a friendship was made and a partnership was created.

In December 2008, Microsoft visited JM Web Designs’ downtown Omaha headquarters to shadow, interview, and film the staff and operation so that they could complete a full case study about the company and their use of Microsoft’s extensive small business applications. JM’s owner, Jonathan Patton, had this to say about the experience. “We are excited to partner with such a great company and are honored that they saw value in our story. This is a great opportunity for both Microsoft and JM Web Designs, because it showcases that with the right ideas and products/tools, anything can be accomplished.”

Microsoft Case Study of JM Web Designs on jmwebdesigns

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