Jonathan Patton

CEO & Owner

“Work hard. Play hard.”

Jonathan knows the meaning of hard work and personal sacrifice – qualities he believes are imperative to starting a business and flourishing it over time.

Since founding JM in 1998 at just 14 years old, Jonathan lives his life above reproach with his ethics, relationships, and successes. He leads the JM Online team – a team that improves businesses by providing website services.

Recognized as a leader in the web industry, his inspiring story has been told at numerous corporate events. He is excited to bring experience, dedication, and success to your business.

Ted Herman

Marketing Director

"Happiness is the Ultimate ROI."

Ted primarily focuses on growing the company through brand awareness and lead generation. In collaboration with the Sales Team, he is our leader in developing and managing the JM Online brand and marketing as we continue to grow and evolve in our fast-paced industry. Ted earned a B.A. at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and continues to advance his expertise in accelerating company growth with marketing and advertising campaigns.

Jennifer York

Billing Administrator

“Time is non-refundable, so you must spend it with intention.”

Jennifer is the Billing Administrator for JM Online and handles both the internal and customer-facing finances. Her stoic philosophy helps her achieve calm in stressful situations and she has an insatiable hunger for knowledge. She doesn’t believe in wasting time, her own, or that of others, and comes equipped with answers fully researched. Jennifer knows tomorrow is never promised, and so she takes care of business today.

Trinity Noblecameron

Project Manager

"Communication is the foundation of change."

Trinity is the Project Manager for JM Online. Her experience in design, marketing, and project management helps her build a strong foundation for each project she leads as she makes it her mission to understand the “Why?” behind each new project she tackles. She looks forward to learning new things and doesn’t back down from a challenge.

Eric Wallace

Paid Ads Specialist

"I'm a wild and crazy guy."

Eric brings a vast diversity of experience to JM’s team. Eric works directly with JM’s web marketing customers to gain an understanding of their goals, then draws up detailed plans for successful web marketing campaigns, monitors the results, and keeps clients updated on the progress.

Kyle Watts

Paid Ads Specialist

"The man who never alters his opinions is like standing water, and breeds reptiles of the mind."

Kyle takes pride in helping businesses get found online. From getting started, or improving an already established online presence, he enjoys being a key part of the success arch. For Kyle, it’s the problem-solving aspect that motivates him to keep pushing for more with each new client. Continual research and staying on top of the latest changes in search engine results and algorithm changes keeps Kyle busy when he’s not working directly with clients.

Carl Jacob

Tech Support Specialist

"Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don't think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without talking about the other."

From over-the-phone troubleshooting to back-end server builds, Carl focuses on keeping websites and emails running smoothly. Working alongside the Server Administrator, Carl loves the challenges and growth available in the ever-changing tech industry.

Todd Hause


“As I design therefore, I exist.”

Todd brings over 15 years of web design experience to JM Online. He sees design as an opportunity to create something unique and new – something that visually captures a brand’s identity. Controlling moods, colors, proportions, and measurements to convey a particular feeling is what Todd enjoy most about serving clients.

James Thole


"Don’t let things happen, make things happen."

James assists JM’s clients with rich and thoughtful website content. His specialty is finding the gold in company messaging so they stand out and don’t sound like everyone else. James’ work adds value to every website through strategically placed keyword phrases and words that convert visitors into customers.

Eugene Harper


“Sometimes one day spent elsewhere can give you more than ten years of lifetime spent at home.”

Eugene is responsible for taking JM’s original designs and finding ways to enhance them. Determined to push web coding to its limits, Eugene ensures client websites have that extra “edge” and all the components necessary to stand out online. He can create custom applications and is a WordPress expert.

Grayson Cohen


“No matter how good things are it can always get better.”

Grayson is JM’s senior website developer. He performs the heavy lifting at JM and is responsible for developing websites that require thousands of hours and uncountable lines of code. Grayson is a full-stack developer and an integral part of building the strong and resilient business websites JM has built its reputation on.

Nikolay Popov

Server Administrator

Niko hasn't yet decided on a quote. Coming soon!

Nikolay is JM’s server admin, managing all the behind-the-scenes work that keeps JM’s employees and customers up and running. Among the countless responsibilities Niko carries, he completes the setup and deployment of dedicated web hosting services, monitors and maintains all shared hosting servers, and maintains the internal network and VoIP phone system.

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