You are vulnerable to an accessibility lawsuit if you…

  • Have a B2C, B2B, or SaaS website
  • Are a government agency that receives federal funding
  • Are a healthcare provider, hospital, or medical business
  • Are an educational brand with an online learning system
  • Don’t know how to get your website compliant
  • Don’t know HTML or CSS

The #1 web accessibility solution, accessiBe

JM Online provides ADA & WCAG compliance services with an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) tool for Omaha local and nationwide websites.

Avoid ADA lawsuits

Businesses are getting hit with legal fees that exceed tens of thousands of dollars. Guarantee this won’t be you.

Get it done fast

Achieve accessibility and compliance in under 1-hour for your existing and new websites.

Leverage tax incentives

Small businesses with accessible website can get up to $5,000 IRS ADA tax credit and/or deduction.

Gain life-long customers

The more individuals who can access your website, the more users you will convert.

We’re your insurance

Every 24 hours, we scan for new content to fix so all site updates are immediately compliant.

Peace of mind

Spend time on what you do best because you shouldn’t have to worry about web accessibility.


You are 3 steps away
from a compliant website

Initial call

Before our call, we’ll review your site to determine its status. Then we’ll discuss your options to keep your website compliant.

Accessibility setup

We’ll install your website with accessiBe, the #1 solution for web accessibility.

Reporting & support

You’ll now get an Omaha team member for ongoing support and receive recurring compliance reports.

Finding a trusted business partner can be difficult.

We don’t yet know if we’re a good fit for you, but here’s why our clients choose us…

We have the track record to prove our 25+ years of success across a range of industries and verticals.

As an Omaha-based company, we believe building genuine connections is essential to success.

Our clients have complete control over the final project scope, cost, and payment plans.

Ready to get your website compliant?