Video Testimonials Increase Marketing Power

Last updated on October 6th, 2022 by

Many companies under-estimate the power an inspiring, honest testimonial can have in bringing new business in and fostering loyalty in current clients or customers.

Testimonials give credibility to your customer service, product(s), and website by allowing someone who is assumed to have no personal investment in any of the fore-mentioned give you a rave review.

Business owners or employees can only promote their product or service so much before it breeds skepticism in the public. Testimonials allow your customers to be a powerful sales force that help reduce people’s fears and concerns of giving their trust over to you. A trusted professional source can be a valuable source of credibility, as well.

Often, businesses wonder how they can ask their customers to give a testimonial, but the fact-of-the-matter is if you are good at what you do people will be more than happy to help you. If you have terrible customer service and your product is awful, you may have to pay for an actor – and actors never let sincerity shine through in testimonials.

Written testimonials have been used for many years and can be powerful. However, with new technology and the growing expectations customers have of its use in businesses, video testimonials are the most effective way to reach out to potential customers. Videos offer sincerity through body language, tone of voice and facial expression that the written words cannot possibly convey. It also allows businesses to zero in on a target demographic by literally having a visual representation of your target telling others like them to go to your business.

A great local, Omaha example of video testimonials are the ones done by Alegent Health. Alegent uses video testimonials on its blog and in television commercials to reach out to all different kinds of people with different needs. Notice, in these testimonials the people are genuine, obviously not scripted, and speak with a truthfulness that emanates a real-life experience and emotion.



Also, through posting these videos on a blog, it opened up a forum for people to be in fellowship with one another and develop a positive emotional sentiment with the services Alegent Health has to offer.

Video testimonials are a profitable asset to your business because your product and services come to life in a relatable way. This is a small way to invest in the future success of your company by using your most valuable resource – loyal and happy customers.

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