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With the rise of technology and the increasingly important role online presence is playing for businesses, website credibility is an area in which many business should invest. Websites are the new store front. Even if you have a brick and mortar storefront, many potential customers will visit your website before ever getting in the car. You have 10 seconds to capture visitors’ attention when they get to your site. Are you maximizing those 10 seconds?

Your website NEEDS to properly portray your business! If you have a great product or service, great people, innovative ideas and expertise in your field – your website must show this. Would you allow the storefront your customers visit every day to portray something less than excellence? Probably not. So why would you allow this to be acceptable on your website?

Here are five items that are vital to building your website credibility.

Website Speed:
Your website must load quickly to allow enough time for the visitor to quickly scan the website and ensure its relevancy.

Website Look:

Your website design must be graphically attractive, aesthetically appealing and speak to your target audience. Again, you only have 10 seconds to capture a visitor’s attention.

Website Feel:

Your website should reflect your personality. Whether it is personable, corporate, professional, fun, quirky, etc., your design and content should give the user an idea of what to expect when they call.

Website Functionality:
Your website should be easy to use and the information should be easily accessible. Don’t make the user think too hard in order to find something. They can easily find it somewhere else.

Website Information

You should present relevant material on your website to keep the users’ interest. Also, new and relevant content through a blog or news area gives users a reason to return to your site on a regular basis.

Your expertise might not be in the area of website design and building website credibility, so it’s best to allow someone with that expertise help you to organize your ideas and be successful in the online marketplace. Whether you are attempting to build credibility in the local Omaha market or a national market place, credibility can make or break your success on the web!

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