Tips for a Successful Website – Clear Call to Action

Last updated on October 6th, 2022 by

Clear Call to Action


Be strategic about what you want your website’s visitors to see and do. Keep in mind – you have somewhere between 5-10 seconds to capture a visitor’s attention. Be direct about your company’s purpose and let new customers or prospects know exactly what you can do for them. The longer it takes to get an end result for an online customer, the less chance you have to sell them your services.

Make it easy for prospects to know what to do at a glance (e.g. sign up for Weekly Market Commentary or Company Brochure/Informational Packet, call or e-mail for an appointment) and make it easy for your clients to find any tools and account view links.

If you are a business in Omaha and looking to move forward with new web design, keep this very important principle in mind. Your company is built around an idea/goal, so build your website around that same idea/goal and give customers and prospects a clear call to do business with you.