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6 Things to Consider When Building a New Website

Building a website today much less resembles the lawless open plains of the Wild West and more closely relates to open freeways, endless roads to travel, scattered with check points and signs along the way attempting to guide you.

With technology so rapidly evolving, so many companies offering their services, and so many options when building a new website, staying up on the latest and greatest trends in technology can be overwhelming. That’s why I’m going to cover a list of the top 6 things  our Omaha web design team recommends considering when building a new website.

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Building a good website requires a lot of work. You will need research, coding, design work, population, testing, security, and finally to launch the website. When it is all said and done, who owns the rights to the website – you or the company that created the website for you? Make sure you own the rights to both the design and content of your website, and ALWAYS ask this during your first conversation with a web design and development company.

Content Management System (CMS)

Think of the CMS as the brain of your website. Always research a CMS before choosing one. Google it! Read about its strengths and weaknesses, read reviews, and peruse websites built on the platform. Much like test driving different cars, different website platforms have a different feel to them and it will make a huge difference in user happiness and interaction. You will also want a well-known CMS, as it makes hiring new people to work on your website much easier. And just a quick tip, WordPress has rapidly reached its way to one of the most highly used platforms on the web, and it is one of the preferred platforms for our Omaha web developers.

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Purpose and Goal

Each website needs a purpose and goal. Some websites have a purpose to educate with a goal of helping to expand your brand awareness. Other websites have a purpose of generating online sales, or making your business money. A common goal includes collecting payments online to make your life a little easier. No matter the purpose or goal of your website, the navigation, content, and calls to action all need to work cohesively to accomplish this.

Mobile Friendly (Responsive) Design

Your website needs to be responsive. End of story. Most websites easily have above 50% of their users visiting the websites on a mobile phone or tablet. Without responsive technology the website will not look nice or function properly, which leads to high bounce rates and lower user satisfaction. Not having a mobile friendly website can also negatively affect your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking.

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Timeline and Budget

Anything that is worth doing is worth doing correctly. Don’t know who said it, but it’s true. Yes, you can build a website for very cheap and have it up in a week, but in the business of web development you get what you pay for. Set a realistic timeline, and be open to learning. As with anything good in life – a new car, a new home, a website is an investment – take your time, do your research and save up for what you want.

Apples to Apples

There are a number of services and things required to properly build a new website. When comparing companies and pricing, make sure you receive an itemized list of exactly what services they will provide, the estimated timeline for those services and, of course, cost. The reason why you ask? Two companies may have similar pricing, but one may be offering you a great deal more for your money. The bottom dollar gets all the attention but the details are what makes a beautiful website.

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Website Holiday Tip, Maximize Ecommerce Website Revenue with Simple Checkout Updates


Maximizing revenue with an optimal checkout process during the winter season is critical for your holiday sales. Shopping cart abandonment occurs when checkout is confusing, when users are forced to create an account and there are payment security concerns.

When shopping cart abandonment does occur, there is a WooCommerce plugin that can help recover 30% of revenue lost by abandoned carts. By sending email reminders to customers and guests, the plugin helps go for the close. However – why even get to cart abandonment? Let’s focus on some key ways you can improve your ecommerce website’s payment process and convert prospects into customers quickly and effectively.

Build trust with your customers for an effective online sale. Make sure your website makes clear your shipping and return policies – instead of leaving customers guessing. In the event that customers have questions, easy access to customer service is vital. Live Chat is an affordable and simple way to make sure customers can have their questions answered quickly so you don’t lose the sale.

Checkout obstacles are also detrimental to closing your online sales. We know you want to collect customer data. It’s helpful for marketing, support and research… but forcing customers to create accounts will cause lost sales this holiday season. Offer a guest checkout option to ensure completed sales.

Investing in mobile-friendly, responsive website technology is also going to help close online sales. If customers need to zoom in/enlarge the browser to click on the appropriate product, can’t read the text, cannot easily enter info in checkout fields or are waiting for pages to load… you’ve likely lost that sale. Having a mobile-friendly website is no longer optional – it’s a must-have, make-or-break, you-better-get-it-now decision for your business.

Lastly, offering more payment options may help close your online sales. WooCommerce offers a deposit extension which allows for monthly payment options, and PayPal offers a credit solution to merchants that comes at no risk to merchants. And during the holidays, everyone knows that monetary flexibility can be critical to closing a sale.

Having trouble closing online sales? Give us a call at 402.292.7500 ext. 102 to find out how we can optimize your website’s checkout process.

JM Web Designs Speak at Omaha’s Creative Center

The Creative Center in Omaha logo.

JM Web Design’s CEO Jonathan Patton and Creative Director John Campisi were recently invited to Omaha’s Creative Center to speak on the benefits and versatility of WordPress. As the web design and development industry continues to change, WordPress has been a crucial part of providing beautiful design and function in websites. It’s a platform we use for most of our websites and is a proven asset to web designers and developers all over the world.

JM has employed several graduates of the Creative Center, including our former designer Dan Svoboda. While Dan still works closely with our web design team, he’s now a UI Engineer at Werner Enterprises; and was also invited to speak last month at the Creative Center – sharing his job and skills with the students.

Our team values the quality of graduates from the Creative Center and appreciates the opportunity to meet students and share our experiences. Sending a special thank you to the Creative Center for this opportunity and a heart-felt congratulations to this years’ graduates.

Website Tip: Making a Website Personal

At JM, we often design and build websites for local Omaha companies who have a great product and staff, but have no photos of projects, services or staff for a website. Today, I’m going to talk to you about making a website personal.

Small businesses, especially in this economy, need to set themselves apart from their competition. With Internet ranking Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as one of the highest forms of gathering prospects, the importance of a personalized website is vital to a business’ prospect building and overall survival.

The first step is, of course, an overall website design that accurately reflects a company’s atmosphere and culture. We help our customers accomplish this through a thorough process of interviewing our clients and getting to know their company and future goals.

After the design is done, it’s time to plug in quality content (which we’ve already discussed here) and personalized images. High quality images of a business location, products, finished work and employees are important in building rapport online. The web design style lends itself to large images and minimal content. A picture is worth a thousand words and a good quality image speaks volumes about attention to detail.

At JM, we often run into this comment from business owners: “I don’t want my picture on the website.” Did you know that the “About”/”Our Staff” pages are the most visited pages on a majority of our websites? People want to see who they are doing business with, read about their credentials and family. Many business owners don’t think prospects care – but they do! Analytics don’t lie, and ours tell us that people care.

We do, also, realize that you may not have the equipment to take beautiful photos or the gift to write detailed and personal biographies about your employees. But we do! If you don’t feel as though your website is personal enough, let us help you change your online image.