Protecting Your Website Against Vulnerabilities

Last updated on October 6th, 2022 by

Our Omaha web design and development team builds most websites on a WordPress platform. And while WordPress is widely known for its usability, ease for developers and security – there are security risks associated with websites, no matter the platform. For this reason, JM has recently started offering security packages for our WordPress customers.

Our security packages include plugin and WordPress core system upgrades whenever available, additional monitoring for suspicious activity and, should a hacker or virus enter your site, free cleanup from hackers and viruses. But we often hear, “I don’t think I need to be protected from this since we don’t store any sensitive information on our website.” This makes no difference to a hacker.

A recent article by Wordfence (a WordPress security plugin which JM uses to help protect our WordPress websites), indicates that in a recent survey over 60% of respondents didn’t know how attackers compromised their website. For those who did figure out how the attackers entered their website, plugins were the biggest vulnerability. As part of our security package we update plugins when available because of the associated security risks. WordPress core and plugin updates are often available because of new security patches that will help protect your website.




Our Omaha web hosting team has seen an increase in security threats over just the last several months. JM’s security package will not only prevent against vulnerabilities to your website for a small monthly fee, but will also save you many hundreds of dollars in website recovery if your website is hacked or infected. Call us at 402.292.7500 ext 102 for more information.