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J. Skinner Bakery

Responsive Design, Website Design
Services Provided:
  • Website Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Shared Web Hosting
  • Website Security
  • Video Production

J. Skinner Bakery is a maker of sweets based in Omaha since the late 1800’s. J. Skinner Bakery came to JM wanting to improve their brand online so that they can better support their products out in the market. They wanted to create a visual experience of their unique danish dough and ingredients that helps their customers taste their products with their eyes before eating them with their mouth. In addition, their website was on a platform that they felt was limiting their expression and they didn’t actually own the website files and content, the platform did.

We let our designers cut loose so that they could create an online experience that feet like you’re immersed in fresh baked fruit filled danishes. Starting off, we had our videographer go down to the bakery and create a video of a baker’s hands preparing the product. In addition to the video experience, we used lots of imagery of baking ingredients, fresh fruits and other baking tools like rolling pins to make visitors feel like they’re at the bakery. And to create an elegant way to show all of the flavors of each product, we created a custom hover action that displays each flavor as the mouse moves over the product photo.

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