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I am sure each of us has felt as though we’ve been left high and dry by a business or service. We invested time, money and resources only to receive something we have no clue how to use, let alone make successful.

In web design and web development, we often find ourselves educating and teaching our clients in Omaha and all over the country how to use their website to yield success. This training and educating is necessary for many products and services. You wouldn’t expect to receive a new sales tracking software with no directions or training; or a new medication from the doctor with no instructions on when to take it. In this same way, you shouldn’t receive a website without any direction on how to grow toward success.

I was reminded of the need to educate people this week as we are finishing a new ecommerce site. For all businesses, people choose to utilize a product or service because they cannot, or don’t care to, do it themselves. For instance, if a client wants an online shopping cart, he/she most likely can’t do it themselves, so they hire JM Web Designs. Their expectation is that they will receive a quality product with instructions on how to be successful. Even on a smaller scale, we install and theme blogs for our clients and encourage them to use Facebook – while teaching them how to use these social media tools for success and growth.

Sometimes, just making a little extra effort to educate and encourage your clients toward success may be all it takes to, first, make them happy and second, turn them into a raving fan. If they cannot understand you, your product or your service how can they brag about you?

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