Are You Thriving with Vision, or just Surviving without it?

Last updated on July 18th, 2022 by

One of my favorite sayings is, “vision without action is just a hallucination.”

Many business owners lack a vision. They cannot conceptualize who they want to become personally and therefore do not have a vision for the company they lead. People who work hard every day but have no idea what they are working for lack vision.

Some business owners have a vision for themselves and their business and hope for their future, but the work and efforts they put forth are incongruent with the desired end result. Their vision has then become a hallucination.

Everyone has wants. A “want” is just a desire or need and an emotional state of being. People want all kinds of things – a mansion, a Mercedes, a million dollars, etc. It’s often difficult for people to discover exactly what is it they want, but they know there is a deficiency or inadequacy in their life – or they wouldn’t be “wanting” in the first place.

No one will get what they want until they first figure out the vision for their life and make the decision to get it. Settings goals and developing an action plan are ways to fulfill the vision for your life and your business.

The opposite of want is abundance. People who live in abundance are thriving through daily efforts in achieving the vision for their life, instead of just surviving with no purpose or goal.

JM partners with Pro/Vision Coaching, which offers a unique approach to coaching small business owners through a holistic approach of business and life coaching.  Pro/Vision clients experience coaching that helps them to achieve balance by fulfilling personal and professional visions.

Many small business owners have experienced the benefit in having  a coach that helps them clarify their vision, build realistic yet challenging action plans and most importantly, serves as an accountability partner in making sure the actions remain congruent with the vision.

Being in an economic downturn and being surrounded by numerous obstacles associated with that, it’s time for small businesses to formulate a vision, move forward with a plan of action and stop “wanting.” A vision partnered with action delivers results that can mean a life of abundance for a small business owner and their business.