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Recommended for simple HTML websites that do not have a content management system.
Bandwith: 10GB
Disk Space: 75GB
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Recommended for simple sites that use a content management system like WordPress or Joomla.
Bandwith: 25GB
Disk Space: 150GB
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Our most popular package
Ideal for sites that have more complex needs, such as digital marketing, eCommerce or 3rd party API integrations.
Bandwith: 50GB
Disk Space: 375GB
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This package is a bandwidth upgrade intended for sites that have high volumes of traffic.
Bandwith: 150GB
Disk Space: 375GB
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Dedicated Server

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This package is for sites that have customized or specific requirements, such as PCI compliance, 100% resource allocation, or heavy site traffic.
Bandwith: Custom
Disk Space: Custom
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What actually happens to my website when I change hosts?

Your website lives on a server managed by your hosting company. We say it’s hosted on a server. When you change hosts, your website files and database are copied onto a new server managed by your new host.

How long does it take to migrate my website?

From our first contact to canceling your old hosting, it usually takes 1-2 weeks depending on how complex your needs are. In most cases, it takes about 3 hours on the day of the switch.

Does it cost money to migrate my website to a new host?

It depends.

If you know how to migrate your website files and database, it doesn’t cost money. To have JM migrate your website, it usually costs somewhere around $350 depending on the size of your site and special considerations you may require.

Will my SEO or traffic drop if I migrate my website?

As long as you’re not changing domains, removing pages or changing pages, your SEO and site traffic shouldn’t be impacted at all.

What if my existing provider won't give me my website so I can move it?

We’ll take care of it.

When leaving your host, it’s not uncommon to not get very good support in your departure. At JM we understand this reality. That’s why we do as much of the back and forth as we can with your previous host to get all the access and permission we need to migrate your website.

Do I need to migrate my domain?

It depends on how your domain is managed. If your previous host handles your domain registration, it’s likely that we’ll need to migrate your domain. If you manage your own domain registrations, you probably won’t need to migrate your domain.

Will I lose any of my emails during the switch?

As part of our migration process we’ll make a full survey of your domain products such as your website, your email and any additional DNS records you may have for things like your internal network. We then make a plan to ensure that your email doesn’t fail and that your internal networks continue operating as they should.

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