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Logo Design and Branding

Create a Unique Brand Identity

If you own a business or are thinking about starting one, your logo and brand identity are critical for how you want your customers to think about you. Your brand exists outside of your logo, but a logo is one of the most recognizable parts of your brand. A well-designed logo reinforces your brand’s promise on the subconscious level, so when people see your logo, it generates a positive feeling or emotion about your brand.

What Makes a Great Logo?

Some universal principles make logos work.
  • Simple – The best logos give your customers an immediate sense of you and your brand. They are clean and easy to understand. Your logo should easily translate to all of your marketing materials, large and small. Too many colors and complex detailed designs should be avoided.
  • Strategic Colors – Different colors give us different feelings. Businesses that offer services targeted at younger generation customers might use red in their logo because it evokes energy and passion. Blue is associated with intelligence and friendliness, thus its use in social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Memorable – Your logo should be sticky. Something that people can keep in their minds with little effort for a long time. Start with a unique yet simple. Nike’s swoosh logo is a great example.
  • Timeless – You don’t want to create a new logo every year, people will lose track of your brand. A good logo should be modern, yet not so much that whatever trend it was inspired by goes out of style and leaves it feeling outdated sooner than later. There are logos from 50 years ago that still feel modern today.

How JM Creates Logos

Who are You?
The logo doesn’t make the brand great, the brand makes the logo great. We start by getting to know you as best we can. We learn about your company culture, values, and the service or product you’re offering. We’ll ask you for examples of logos you like, and logos you dislike. We’ll also look at logos from different brand leaders in your industry.

Deep Research
After finding out everything we can about you, your brand and your industry, we take that information and start researching. We’ll research your ideas, competitors, and other relevant imagery.

Concept Development
After the research phase, we start on concept development. We narrow down various ideas and get down to just a few great ideas that haven’t been discarded in our process.

Logo Variation Review
We present several variations of the logo to you for review. You’ll have some time to think about the logos before returning to us with feedback. We’ll help you understand why we made the choices we made so you can understand our thinking behind your logo design.

Final Concept Delivery
After choosing a logo, we make any needed tweaks and add the finishing touches. We send you all the design files in what we call a logo care package. You are will own all the rights to your logo and can use it any way you wish.

Ways to Use Your Brand

  • Graphics for Social Media
  • Brochures
  • Email Signatures
  • Ads for Print
  • Website (new or update your current one)
  • Letterheads
  • Business Cards
  • Envelopes

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