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Website Copywriting Services

Did you know content is just as important for your website as the design and user experience? Many beautifully designed websites don’t convert because the messaging is unclear, confusing, or doesn’t follow the principles of good sales writing, also known as sales copy.

When a potential customer or client first visits your website, you have about 3 seconds to keep them from clicking on to the next site. If you want them to scroll down and continue reading, they immediately need to know:

Exactly what
your product
or service is
How it's going to
change their life
for the better –
solve their
How to buy it,
sign up, learn
more, etc

Each of these three focus points has one vital thing in common – Clarity.

It doesn’t matter how good your product or service is, or how beautifully your website is designed if visitors can’t understand what it is you’re offering and how it’s going to make their life better.

Why Good Sales Copy Matters

Professional sales copy is not art. Effective sales copy is based on time tested principles that have been refined as tastes, culture, and technology has advanced. Sales copy taps into human psychology and the elements of persuasion. Good sales copy presents the benefits of your product or service in a way that people naturally respond to.

If you’re essentially offering the same product or service as one of your competitors, the way you present your solution is often what gets you the new customer over your competition. Good sales copy does that for you.

5 Foundational Copywriting Principles

Good copywriting is helpful – it’s not pushy or dishonest. It disarms potential customers with honesty and transparency, and captures their business by providing a real solution they can understand. The homepage of your website is the main sales page for your business. The top part of the page should:

  • Identify your customer’s problem
  • Explain why the problem hasn’t been solved yet
  • Identify what is possible after the problem is solved – What will life be like?
  • Explain what is different now – How your product or service solves their problem.
  • Give a clear call to action – How can they get your service or buy your product?

How JM Can Help

You’re good at what you do, and that means you’re busy. If you don’t have the time to learn about and write effective website copy we can do it for you. JM has a dedicated professional copywriter for clients who want to maximize their website’s conversion potential.

Getting JM copywriting for your website is easy:

  • JM’s copywriter will interview you to learn about your business, service, or products.
  • Our copywriter works from a series of questionnaires which you will have time to review before the interview.
  • The interview time needed for most websites is around 60 minutes.
  • After the interview, our copywriter gets to work on the first draft.
  • Upon completing the draft, you will review it and recommend any revisions.
  • The revision process can be up to 3 rounds if needed.
  • Upon your final approval, your professional copy is sent to the JM design team to update or build your website.

Blog Services

Regular blogging is a great marketing tool to keep your audience engaged by adding consistent value to their lives. You can develop and strengthen your relationship with existing and new customers and solidify your brand identity with regular blogging. The more quality content you provide, the more you’re rewarded by search engines. Every new blog gets indexed by Google and other search engines, making it easier to find you through organic search. JM’s copywriter can work with you to get topics, propose topics, and start generating an archive of value-added content for your audience and potential new customers. Blogs are written with local on-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keywords and keyword phrases that people in your area are using when searching for businesses like yours. By SEO optimizing your content, you further increase the chances that people who are looking for your solutions find you.

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