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Omaha Track

Responsive Design, Website Design
Services Provided:
  • Website Design
  • Content Management
  • Blog Integration
  • Shared Web Hosting
Omaha Track desktop site screenshot

Omaha Track has been a long time client of JM. In 2014 they rebuilt their site with JM in order to extend some functionality to include employment applicaitons as well as credit applications. Before then they didn’t have a CMS that allowed them to easily edit the content on their site.

In 2019, they came back. In 2015 Google began to down on how they reward mobile friendly sites, and Omaha Track new that their users wanted to use their site on their mobile device. Updating the site to be mobile friendly was a big objective. Also, they had an issue where the site had acquried tons of content over the years and it needed to be cleaned up and simplified, as well as just overall getting the site photos updated so that they more accurately represented the company today to improve creditibility.

Visiting the site, you can tell that we really focused in on what content they wanted by really creating a minimalistic homepage in order to help users quickly click into the pages and content that is relevant to them. This also allowed us to create a mobile site that was simple and easy for users on their phone. We also knew that this drastic of a content change would be confusing to Google, so we also worked to preserve their rank and we gave clues to Google to know where to find their old content where it was preserved to minimize the impact a big change would have on their SEO.

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