5 Types of Content to Improve Connection and Engagement

All digital marketing advice out there requires you to create content, lots of it. We don’t disagree.

Needing to start somewhere, you develop processes for creating lots of content assuming that some of it will connect with your audience. It might, but it’s not a strategy for connection and engagement. So much of the content out there doesn’t appeal to audiences in a way that drives a connection. Its missing something, a context, awareness or reader empathy.  It lacks…


Often when we create content we focus on what we want to say or what we want our audience to know, losing track of how it impacts our audience or if it’s valuable to them. Once you have a process in place for generating content, improve that process so the real you comes out.

The key is to match your online personality to your real, offline personality.

Our aim in this article is to give you some content ideas that develop a content portfolio that is well rounded and help you create content that captures your brand in a way so you can better connect with your audience online. We’ve broken it down into 5 primary types of content and provided multiple examples for each one.



1. Promotional Posts

Although social media posts are about adding value to your audience, you can and should directly promote your products and services from time to time.

Some promotional content ideas may include:

  • Freebies for email signups
  • Webinars
  • Specific products or services
  • Discounts and specials
  • Testimonials


2. Educational Posts

 If you coach, consult, train, or teach, this is an important category for you to focus on. Share your wisdom to build trust and credibility.

Educational post content may include:

  • Links to your other content
  • Tips and tricks
  • Industry research
  • Free resources (reports and guidelines)
  • Answers to FAQs
  • Case studies
  • Live video training


3. Entertainment Posts

Anytime you can make your audience smile or enjoy themselves, that’s a win. Entertain your audience with a fun contest from time to time. Just make sure to tie it into your industry.

Types of entertainment posts that may work for your business include:

  • Memes
  • Jokes
  • Throwback / nostalgia
  • Contests and giveaways
  • Puzzles
  • Comics


4. Conversational Posts  

Speaking directly to your audience and asking them to engage is a great way to connect. You don’t want to always be talking at your audience, the more you can listen to them, the better. The key to conversational posts, just like a conversation, is asking questions.

Types of conversational posts that work include:

  • Questions
  • Polls
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Asking for advice
  • “Caption this” photos


5. Connection Posts

People love to see behind the curtain. This is relevant to a factory, office or any business. Behind the scenes photos and videos humanize your business for potential customers and, like personal photographs, helps your current customers connect with you on a personal level.

Types of connection posts that work include:

  • Behind the scenes
  • Product previews
  • Stories
  • Employee features
  • Photos from special events
  • Thanking fans




Being able to scale your content is good, but scaling connections and engaging content is even better. As you develop your content process continue to search for ways to be yourself, leveraging what sets you apart from your competition, and give your audience a good idea of what it’s like to work with you. Using different approaches to your content can help you avoid being one dimensional and help you appeal to more of your audience. After all, connection is the key, and having an authentic content portfolio will drive personal connections with your audience.  Your online audience will grow, audience will become customers, and customers will share your valuable content with friends and family.